Peace and Happiness Hotel

City center hotel in Chiangrai, Thailand

In order to bring you to the local culture, the hotel has been provided some activities for you. In the morning, you will make merit by offering food to the monks in front of the hotel. After breakfast, you will be given the manual for sightseeing. There will be temples: Wat Ming Muang, Wat Phra Kaew, and Wat Phra Singh. Then, you can enjoy your shopping and lunch at a local market.

In the afternoon, you may go back to the hotel and take a rest by having coffee or tea. Fruits are also provided for you at the hotel as you can enjoy the fruits while you are sunbathing. In the evening, there are many great restaurants which you can have a great time there. In addition, there is a world’s most beautiful clock tower that you can visit and enjoy a symphony of light every hour. After that, you can go to Night Barzar, the night market, or pub and bar restaurant.

You can go back to a free mini bar at the hotel. There is a local beer provided for you. You can sit, relax, and enjoy your beer and music alongside the pool. On Saturday night, there is a walking street, you can go shopping there with a one-minute walking for the hotel. You may see the lifestyle of local people in Chiang Rai and you will love it.